The Eleven 02 Cigars Team

Mark, Alex, & Zach

The Eleven 02 Cigars Team

Brothers Mark, Zach and friend Alex have long been interested in cigar smoking. Having been involved in the cigar culture for over four years, the three decided to create a cigar brand of their own. Mark and Zach come from Albania and wanted their first cigar to be related to their family’s heritage. With the help of their friends and partners, the group came together to create their first private-label cigar. Thus came the birth of Eleven 02 Cigars!

In 2022, The Besa Cigar was released. This product was based on Albanian history and culture, containing a portrait of a well-known war hero, Skanderbeg. (Click here to learn more about Skanderbeg and The Besa Cigar.) The cigar is blended with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, an Ecuadorian Sumatra binder, and a Nicaraguan-Dominican filler. Cigar enthusiasts will experience hazelnut, cocoa, and cedar notes with a peppery finish. A full podcast episode discussing this cigar can be found here: The Best Cigar, The Besa Cigar | The Cigar Guys Podcast

Around the same time, the parent company, Eleven 02 Cigars, was created to host and produce more private cigar labels in the future. With cigars sold both online and in local cigar shops, we are pleased to be able to share our custom blends with customers nationwide.

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